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Thornford and Beer Hackett Allotment Association

Allotments are a feature of most Dorset village communities, and Thornford Village is no exception. There is definite record of when the plots were established in the village, but to produce food during the conflicts of the Twentieth Century would be a good estimate. It has varied in size over that time, but the current site was developed with the help of the Digby estate, eight years ago.

The site has an informal and friendly air about it with plots of varying size to suit the needs of our members, be they ultra-keen gardeners or just small plots providing some fresh produce for a busy family with limited time. Its location is a delight having lovely rural views of the Dorset hills.

If I might quote a Chairman of another local allotment association who visited our site recently:

‘You obviously have a number of people who enjoy stamping their own personality on their allotment with little paths, nicely painted sheds and not all given over to the basic veg crops. In other words, it has the atmosphere of a place where people of Thornford come to unwind, relax, enjoy growing their own produce and lose themselves in their own little world, which is what we all want out of an allotment I guess.’ 

If you are interested in becoming a member of our association or just want some more information, and you live in Thornford or Beer Hackett, we would be pleased to hear from you!

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